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Unlock and dive into the hottest hotwife challenges, ideas, and dares.

We run one the biggest hotwife websites and over the years we’ve taken thousands of couples from nervous newbies to hardcore hotwives and cuckolds.

Most of them started with just a simple challenge, dare, or idea and within a few weeks were deep into the hotwife lifestyle.

These challenges were created for every level from beginners looking to break out of boring monogamy to advanced couples who are deep into the hotwife lifestyle.

Be warned these dares start for beginners but go very extreme and are made to take you from zero to the deeper, darker sides of hotwifing and cuckolding.

Made for: Curious husbands and wives, husbands/wives looking to transform their husband/wife into a cuckold/hotwife, swingers, bored couples, married wives, girlfriends, femdom queens, mistresses, dominatrices, only fans models, subs, cucks, bulls, husbands, boyfriends, queen of spades, couples who want to spice things up (a lot), men who want to show off the beauty of the hotwife lifestyle to their wife and much more.

From beginner to serious hardcore fun.

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We created these challenges and ideas over the years for our own enjoyment and put them all together once we saw how beneficial, fun, and hot these dares all were.

Not only will this be the most complete list of challenges and ideas you’ll find with over 400, but it’s also written by people who practice this lifestyle and have done so for years. We know what works, we know what doesn’t, and most of all we know the best way you can progress from beginners to as advanced and deep as you want to go in this lifestyle.


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