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We believe ChatGPT is fundamentally changing the way we work.

Marketing plan?

Stupid email?

Writing a viral video script?

Why most aren't able to get great results from

👉 ChatGPT needs exact phrases. ChatGPT is a piece of smart
code, not a human.

👉 Just a single word can ruin results. Even a slight wording change or punctuation changes output results.

💡99% of time users simply use the wrong prompts to get results from ChatGPT. Using the right
inputs drastically increases output results.

So, you need to know
what to ask.

Regular prompts include little to no advanced features with varied output quality per each request. This produces average and mediocre results.
Advanced prompts allow you to unlock more features with predictably better results for various manual tasks in certain specific fields.

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We’ve collected and tested most tasks in most areas of work. So all you need to do is just simply pick the task, the prompt and use peak ChatGPT to your advantage.

Worried About
AI Replacing You?

As more and more marketers will start using AI, the competition will grow even more intense. Marketers that do not know how to use AI will simply be outcompeted by those who do.
You need to find a way to use AI to your advantage.
We’re entering a new digital age, where AI will replace most of the mundane tasks associated with digital marketing. AI won’t replace humans, but humans that use AI will replace humans that do not.
What will separate a new-breed of marketers is the ability to use and exploit AI to your own advantage.

For Every Business Areas

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Frequently Asked Questions

With prompts you can unlock never-before seen features of ChatGPT. Plus, using ready-made prompts can generate way better results. Even the slightest sentence change or wording change can change output results.
Anything from analyzing your competition, to crafting goals & OKRs, to writing blog posts and generating content ideas. Our Sintra Plus pack includes over 2,000+ actionable tasks you can automate using ChatGPT. And it includes more than 10,000+ prompts to go with all of these tasks.
This prompt is made for all people looking to scale their impact exponentially through the power of AI tools such as ChatGPT.  It can be used by everyone, even if you are a Freelancer, Business Owner, Copywriter, Marketer, or Content creator or just using for your person al productivity.
We haven’t found any ChatGPT Prompt Pack which includes as many as 10,000+ prompts, and 20,000+ actionable tasks from 10 different areas of work. Plus we also includes lifetime updates, which we’re constantly improving.
Absolutely! Prompts adapt seamlessly to your unique needs and activities for a personalized experience.
Yes, You can resell these 10,000+ chat gpt prompts and Start making passive income.
Absolutely! You can Utilize these prompts seamlessly for your clients or team, unlocking efficiency and creativity in your projects.
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